Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom

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Mission Statement

By knowing their community, students will be better able to engage in the world and shape and direct their future.

The Outdoor Classroom Program at Fairfield School provides opportunities for sugaring, growing food, presenting the community’s cultural and agricultural heritage, and extending classroom activities in order to strengthen links between Fairfield’s agricultural, educational and business communities.

We foster students’ sense of place, service to community, and participation in Fairfield’s history by offering programs for townspeople and students to connect and learn from each other through hands-on learning.

Our Programs

Chester Arthur Program
(since 2001): Students work to make the Chester Arthur Birth Place more enjoyable by working on forest trail construction and maintenance, locating visitors home countries, states and cities and maintaining the flower gardens.

Local Farms, Local Foods Program
(since 1998): Students are introduced to the pleasure, rewards and work ethic involved in farming. Students learn about dairy and animal products, fruits, vegetable, flowers and herbs and learn about healthy lifestyles and food choices. Students work in our greenhouse, plant and maintain gardens in the community, visit farms and harvest the food they’ve grown.

River Unit
(since 1998): Students are given the opportunity to explore their local watershed and learn about the biological diversity and conditions necessary to maintain a healthy watershed. Students learn to be stewards of the land by planting trees to promote stream bank restoration.

Sugaring Unit
(since 2005): Students are introduced to the historical, scientific, cultural and operational perspectives of sugaring. Students are actively involved in tree tapping, gathering and boiling of maple sap.

We are presently designing media and communication components for each unit to provide an opportunity for students to share their experiences with a larger audience.

Outdoor Classroom Coordinator: Joanna Jerose